Mokarabia Caffe Moka Coffee Beans ( 1 kilo )

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Mokarabia Caffe Moka Coffee Beans ( 1 kilo )

  • 1 kilo Mokarabia Moka Coffee Beans
  • Medium Roast Italian Coffee Beans
  • Packed In Quality Mokarabia Foil Bags
  • Freshly Roasted And Packed Italian Coffee Beans
  • Strength Guide 4 out of 5
  • Buy Mokarabia Coffee Beans Online
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Mokarabia Moka Coffee Beans

These Mokarabia Moka coffee beans make an authentic Medium-Dark roast Italian coffee exclusively blended and produced for the Italian Coffee Bar market.

These Mokarabia "Moka Silver" whole Italian coffee beans are medium dark in colour, which produce a hearty, rich and velvety italian coffee.

Now these fantastic Mokarabia Moka coffee beans are available for the first time in the UK.

How To Describe Mokarabia Moka Coffee Beans...

Mokarabia Moka coffee beans are a rich, creamy and velvety coffee with an intense aroma and lively flavour. Mokarabia Moka is a typical Italian coffee, composed essentially of the finest South American Arabicas from Colombia and Brazil. Mokarabia Moka also contains rich East African Robusta coffee beans which are separately roasted before blending to create an amazing full bodied and intensely aromatic coffee. This Mokarabia Moka is a real Italian coffee. You can buy Mokarabia coffee beans online today.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans are generally considered to offer superior taste and aroma. The Arabica is a delicate coffee plant, sensitive to both heat and humidity. Arabica coffee beans are the preferred choice of coffee connoisseurs. Arabica coffee typically contains between 80-100 mg of caffeine per cup of coffee...less than Robusta coffee, which on average contains 150-175 mg of caffeine per cup.


Mokarabia History

Mokarabia was established in Milan in 1950, with the ambition of creating high quality coffee for the Italian Coffee Bar market. Mokarabia expanded rapidly throughout Italy eventually being taken over by the Zanetti family, an ancient and noble Venetian spice and coffee trading dynasty. As far back as 1700 the Zanettis travelled frequently to the Indies and the Orient to trade in spice and coffee, a delicious drink introduced into Europe by the Venetians from the sixteenth century onwards. Mokarabia has its roots in this centuries-old experience of selecting and importing the best types of coffee on the world market and, by virtue of this ancient coffee culture that had developed over the centuries, the Zanetti family decided to stake everything on the quality of the product: Mokarabia in fact takes pride in a particularly meticulous process of selecting and purchasing raw materials in order to offer those who opt for Mokarabia the opportunity to savour the highest quality coffee blends and the most intense aromas and flavours.


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